A husband, father, entrepreneur (5 Minute Walk Records, Super Franks Fun Adventure, MindQuilt), and author who has a passion to encourage and motivate people to live a great story, no matter how their past chapters have played out. Frank spent 10 years in foster care (ages 8-18) and shares how being invited into a loving foster home changed the trajectory of his journey and gave him great insights on how to be the dad he never had. Frank will be sharing his premise that our job as parents, spouses, work mates and teachers is to EDIT people’s stories, rather than AUTHOR them.


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  1. Hi, I heard your podcast on Josh Straub’s show – wow! I lost my mom at 10 and being a mom now myself, your message really rang true and encouraging. I’m wondering if you have anything written on or can suggest any resources for me to learn how to encourage a loving and respectful sibling relationship. I’m an only child but my husband and I are hoping to have another baby. My own two parents came from families with unhealthy sibling relationships so I have much to learn. Thanks

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