Every human on the planet is gifted at something.  Based on that fact, are we celebrating who they are, or mourning who they’re not?

According to Websters Dictionary, the definition of flattery is “Excessive and insincere praise, especially that given to further one’s own interest.” Data-Based Praise, on the other hand, stems from one’s ability to point out another person’s unique skills, gifts, strengths or characteristics, all based on quantifiable data rather than another’s insincere, self-seeking agenda.

It’s my observation that the human condition tends to under-appreciate both our own and others’ unique gifts, for the simple reason that using our own gifts is relatively easy for us. As a made-up example, shooting 3-pointers from 45 feet out might come easily to Stephen Curry of the NBA, so it would only be natural for him to assume it should come easy to everyone else. As we know in real life, that’s simply not the case.

As this axiom holds true in so many areas of life (both personal and business), my Data-Based Praise approach is based on the premise that just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I believe that when we receive Data-Based Praise, it literally seven as rocket fuel for our souls and helps us celebrate who we are, rather than mourn who we aren’t.



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