Wisdom cries out from the street corner… are we listening?

I believe humans represent “Screaming Data,” literally from the moment we’re born. The doctor pulls us out, spanks our butt, and we immediately start screaming data (in my daughter’s case, unbelievably loudly).

Young parents, especially moms, are incredibly intuitive when it comes to interpreting their baby’s Screaming Data, with most being able to identify each type of cry by tone and facial expression. My wife Liana was amazingly good at this, as she could hear either of our kids cry and could determine whether they were hungry, sleepy, poopy, scared, teething, sick, or awake and ready to get out of the crib. Our kids’ screams were chock full of data as to what the child needed; interpreting that data, however, required listening to the tone, watching their faces, and knowing the child’s behavior patterns.

I believe these same axioms around interpreting Screaming Data hold true throughout life. As kids get older, I contend they’re still screaming the same amount of data. But now, rather than listening with the goal of hearing what kids are trying to communicate, we as parents often perceive their “cries” as being disobedient or disrespectful or, if we’re being truly honest, a giant pain in the butt (which they sometimes are). However, if we pay careful attention (as loving editors) I believe our kids’ Screams provide insightful date into who our children are, what they need, and how we can best empower them to live THEIR story.

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